Munch Lab

Applied programming week seven


We will at classes some more and address some of the trickier things we have been through.

Computer exercises

Complete the Mixed problems exercise. If you find this is not enough to keep you busy I have made a new exercise, Truncated coding sequences, based on a former exam project. Your TA may not have time to go through the latter exercise, but will be able to answer questions you might have from working on it.

Reading material

No extra reading material for this week. Spend the extra time making yourself familiar
with programming techniques and data structures we have covered in the course. Improve
your understanding and practical skills in the topics you find hard by doing some
exercises or tutorials on the web. Try to google “python exercises”. Here are a couple I

When you want to learn more about something or just look up the use of some method use the
Python documentation website or more specifically the Python standard library

Weekly assignment

We are at the end of the class, so you have already had your last mandatory assignment.

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