Munch Lab

Exam: Applied programming 2013

Preparing for the exam

You may be exposed to all the aspects of Python and programming you have been exposed to during the course. So run through slides, snippets, exercises, assignments and read the material linked to on the weekly schedules. Do a lot of coding to get some practical training and to get Python into your fingers. There are plenty of exercises or tutorials on the web. Try to google “python exercises”. Here are a couple I found:

When you want to learn more about something or just look up the use of some method use the Python documentation website or more specifically the Python standard library

To give you an idea about the type of exam assignment to expect here are the exam sets for the preious two years. Complete them before you look at the solutions:

Handing out of the exam set

The exam set will be handed out on the AULA course page and be available in the “Documennts” folder on Jan 8. at 9.00.

AP2013 AULA course page

You are responsible for being able to access the AULA page. If you are somehow not able to sign up on the AULA course page (because you are not a regular student), let me know immediately.

If there are any unclarities regarding the assignment text I will be available through the the tool “Diskussionsfora” to sort this out until 12.00 on the day the exam text is released. Have a look at how this works before the exam.

Completing the assignment

You must solve the assignment alone. Results of group work are not accepted. Solve the problems the way stated in the assignment – no more, no less. Re-use functions where appropriate.

The assignment should only contain code. Comments are not read and will not affect grading. Format your assignment like the example below. Include only the function definitions asked for. Please do not include code testing your functions. I will do that for you ;-).

def enFunktion(x):

def enAndenFunktion(y):

def endnuEnFunktion(a, b):

Grading the assignment

Assignments are graded based on correctness, understanding of programming, clarity and simplicity. So do your best to understand what you are doing, and write your code in a manner that reflects this.

Handing in the exam assignment

The exam assignment must be handed in before 9.00 on Jan. 10, 2014.

To hand in rename the file with your code to and upload it to the folder “Assignments” on the AULA course page. Should it happen that AULA crashes you attach the file to an email with subject “AP2013” and send it to me (

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