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SAP goes online


Since I originally released the Statistical Assignment Package (SAP), I have strived to maintain command line and GUI distributions for both linux, OS X and Windows, but to be honest this has become a bit of a pain. So I figured it would make sense to replace the GUI by a web server for researchers that do not need to run large scale analyses. For labs that need to pipeline large scale analyses I will of cause continue to maintain a source distribution of the command line version that compiles on all three platforms.

It turned out building a web application was lots of fun. The new home for SAP is a mix of flask for the web app, celery for the worker backend, and bootstrap for the skin. Except maybe for celery, they are all wonderfully documented and easy to work with. Packaged with docker, the web application is easily tested and deployed pretty much anywhere – it will even work as a GUI on your own laptop (once you get docker running). Take it out for spin and tell me what you think. For now it is deployed on a rather small server, but send me a line if you get queued for too long and I will try to move it to a stronger machine.

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