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Recombination in great ape evolution

I just received funding to support a research project on the evolution and mechanisms of recombination in the great apes.  Genetic recombination is integral to the evolution of species. It shuffles genetic variants to allow organisms to adapt by exposing individual properties of genetic variants to natural selection. Despite its immense importance little is known about the mechanisms that control recombination and how these evolve. In a recent publication we have shown that it is possible to infer recombination in ancestral species. The funded project will measure recombination in all living and ancestral species of great apes – and thereby measure the evolution of recombination along each branch in the entire great ape species tree. This new comparative approach will allow us to directly link the evolutionary change in the genomic sequence to the evolutionary change in recombination patterns and thereby generate new insight into how the genome sequence controls recombination and how the mechanism of this control evolves.

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