Munch Lab

Applied programming 2015 week one


In the first lecture I will introduce the course. I will talk about my plans for the course and give you an intuitive understanding of what programming is and what the world looks like to a computer. At the second lecture I will go through the most basic concepts in programming.

Computer exercises

You will meet with your TA at the computer exercises that will get you started on the important hands-on part of the course. You will go through Exercise 0 of Learn Python the Hard Way where you will install Python (if necessary) and install an editor to write your code in.

In Exercise 0 there si mention of a version of Python called ActiveState. Do not install this. You should choose the Anaconda Python distribution instead. Make sure you download version 2.7 and not 3.4. Exercise 0 also instructs you to download the TextWrangler editor or the Notepad++ editor. Please do not. Instead install the Sublime Text 2 editor. This editor will install on both Windows, Mac and Linux. That way we are all on the same page.

Spend the time you have left completing the exercises for the next ten exercises (1-10) of Learn Python the Hard Way.

Reading material

The first ten exercises of  Learn Python the Hard Way.

Weekly assignment

We haven’t really started yet, so there is no weekly assignment for the first week. Use the extra free time to familiarize yourself with the Python, Terminal/PowerShell, and the Sublime Text editor.

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