Munch Lab

Applied programming 2015 week two


Your should read/complete the exercises 11- 26 in Learn Python the Hard Way before the Thursday lecture.


At the Thursday lecture I will do  a quick recap of what we have learned so far, but the main topic will be how to make data available to our programs, either by reading files on your computer or by propting for input.  At the Tuesday lectures I will talk about functions.

Exercises  (TØ)

I will make an exercise for you about Expressions, Variables, Substitution and Reduction that will appear as a link on the main course page in the table showing the course outline.

Mandatory assignment

You must produce a file with code that converts 37 degrees Celcius to the corresponding degrees in Fahrenheit. To help you here is a figure showing the linear function relating Celcius and Fahrenheit (slope is 9/5 and intercept is 32).



The first statement in your code should be this:

# your first statement should be:
celcius = 37

After you have computed what the corresponding Fahrenheit degrees are your code must print a nice sentence like this:  “X Celcius degrees corresponds to Y Fahrenheit degrees” (with X and Y replaced by the appropriate degrees.)


Send the file with python code to Dan no later than Tuesday 10/11 at 12.00 (not 24.00).


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